Thinking bad subframe bushes
2009 Vauxhall Zafira 1.6

Sounds like bad subframe bushes/rear gearbox bush, lots of clunk clanking. Unable to get garage to look at it until next week. Just to ask, are they removeable/replaced with subframe in situ or, maybe slackend? Just in case the garage suggests removing frame altogether as i have a feeling they may. Thanks

Problem added: Sep 29, 2021 (2 months ago)
Vauxhall Zafira (2009)
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Hi whitt. Vid says it all. Frame in place and 1 1/2hr job. Thanks.
When you have the right tools , usually easy .
All new parts fitted now (struts, top mounts, springs, drop links, arms and sway bushes. Clunking and clancing still going on. Took car to garage, they drove it around and put it up on lift. Poked hell out of it with crow bar and found nothing worn or loose. (no frame bushes needed) Strange thing happened then, drove car from garage and all was silent. Unbelievable. Thanks.
Some times when working on suspension and it has been hanging while doing so , it might take a little bit of time and running before everything settles down in situ . Had the same very recently on a Ford that had the same after wishbone arms and drop links etc, were replaced , cleared after a short while .
Well i had 20 miles worth of restbite from that clunking and clanking and it"s back. I can only think to take it to a different garage now or, tank firing range as a target.
Another garage today put car over pit, they said loose drop links. (I know this not to be the case though), neither did they offer to tighten them up. (odd) On to garage 3 next. If no joy i will invest in a gopro cammera and strap it underneath car and try to see the prob that way. Thanks.
Garage 3 got car up on lift and unlike the prev garage gave the link bolts a tweek. Only managed to turn them a 1/32" if that. Problem still exists but now with a rubber groaning sound when steering turned. (would this be sway bar sliding in new bushes?) I"m still thinking sub frame bushes but garage three said "not likelly for the miles and year of car". 2009 64k miles. Inner and outer tie rods are also good. Thanks.
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