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Tapping sound from front driver side in synk with wheel rotation. Started after a full lock right turn. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Car Vauxhall Zafira
Variant 1.6
Year 2009
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If it's a heavy clicking sound , usually a driveshaft c/v joint needing replaced .
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Check to make sure you don't have a stone in your tyre!
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Hi thanks all. Can hear about three taps per revolution of wheel at say 8-10 mph. Not audible at higher speed. Got it going up on garage lift next week. Will be back with the result. Thanks.
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Latest update on my zafira is, the garage could not find any problem with the car. Car was taken for test drive and inspected all round. Thanks
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Hello all. Re tapping sound. bought new (cv) drive shafts and fitted one. Firs attempt at a drive shaft job and my back is in half. Problem now fixed but lost 1/2 cup of gear oil. My question is where is the filler hole so i can replace it. Thanks zafira 2009. 1.6
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