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Happy Xmas all. Would like your views on a purchase i made for my zafira. Clutch had failed so purchased a clutch kit. Was asked for VIN,no and year of manufacture from a couple of sellers and they all came up with same type to fit car. It turned out that only 2 parts fitted but not the releaser. The mechanics at garage had to go out and purchase the correct one at an extra cost of £100 quid. I have been told by the sellers that they will not accept any returns for the releaser i now have as an expensive shed ornament.

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Normal practice with most part suppliers . What I've had to do in the past when this happens is return the complete clutch kit for correct kit .If correct one not available , total refund to my account .Does help if you have a trade account and frequently deal with the company .
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Forgot to add .You are lucky to find a garage that would fit a clutch kit not supplied by them , Most would chase you .
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As above.
I know some shops mark up parts prices.
some don't.
but I don't fit owner supplied parts.
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Thanks for replies. The sellers did ask for photographs of the old part against the new part they sent. This i done but, because they class it as a kit they say not able to assist further. Ta.
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