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Hi all wondering if anyone can help or give advice. My 03 Vivaro sometimes starts other times immobiliser light flash’s or sometimes stays on solid either way when it does this it won’t start had 2 mechanics to it and an auto electrician. 1 mechanic fitted new crank sensor still the same. Auto Electrcian said needed new ecu, key etc got all these still the same at a loose end with it any advice would be much appreciated Thanks

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Rather than gues and throw parts that might not have been needed , get it scanned with Tech 2/3 and see what fault codes are showing .
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Hi thanks for your reply I know very little about cars it has been plugged into 1 type of computer not sure which. It came up with crank sensor which has been changed by a mechanic. It also came up with heat resistor and egr valve but I have been told these shouldn’t have any relevance to immobiliser in your opinion is that correct?
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When a crank sensor fails , your car wont start , no ifs or buts . The other suggestions EGR etc should not trigger immobiliser light . It could be a wiring fault or another common cause can be the BCM ( body control module) Tech 2 is the official Vauxhall diagnostic scanner programme that covers what a lot of basic scanners do noy .
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