2007 Vauxhall Vivaro - Engine suddenly cuts out

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Hi All.
My Vivaro 2000 cdi keeps cutting out, it has been fine of late with absolutely no starting issues.. maybe a little sluggish but i put that down to its age and mileage 165000.
The other day whilst driving on the motorway she suddenly cutout "Aarrgh"
pulled over and she started straight back up and i continued home.
next day after another 30 miles on the m4 she done it again. and started straight back up i carried on and then it happened again after a couple of miles.
She got progressively worse but i did notice this was happening around 2000rmp or whenever i put my foot down . Eventually i had her carried away to the garage because she wouldn't hold her revs after about 2 seconds and cut out.
After a replaced mass flow meter.. and a new fuel pipe still no luck.
They seem to think its the injectors (because they had a few strange readings ..their words) but with the cost of replacement and the value of the van i am reluctant to get them sorted.
To me it just doesn't feel right!! Im sure its something else .
Help required people!!

Many thanks for taking the time to read this
Neil W

Car Vauxhall Vivaro
Variant 2000cdi
Year 2007
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You checked / replaced the fuel filter ?
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Thankyou whittingehame.
I know it sounds silly but i guessed it was one of the first things the garage carried out .. however they didnt say they did it and it wasnt on the invoice!!!
Me thinks ill ask the questionđź‘Ť
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I learned very early in my motor trade career to never assume anything with cars , customers or garages . As you say , strange it's not billed on invoice or listed as parts replaced . Worth questioning .
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