2008 Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 Damaged electrics

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Damaged electrics
Dec 12, 2018 (1 year ago)
My battery went flat due to the van not being started for a while and when I connected the jump leads I inadvertently connected the leads wrong and didn't notice until the cable clamps got hot and started smoking. After which the battery light remained on. The engine ran for a few minutes and then petered out when I started it again several panel lights lit up and went out then came on again, the engine revved it's self intermittently the engine wouldn't rev and white smoke came out of the exhaust. So it looks like I've caused some damage somewhere, but where? would it bring up relevant fault codes for the damaged items? I can't drive it as it is so can anyone suggest someone who could come and do the test inspection at my home. I'm near Risca in south Wales. Thanks in anticipation

Car details
Car: Vauxhall Vivaro
Variant: 1.9
Model Year: 2008
Category: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Dec 12, 2018 (1 year ago)
Usually doing this fries the ECU.
So I'd start by checking if diagnostics can connect up.
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