Van pulling back and stalling so changed filter was running now not starting

2005 Vauxhall Vivaro Problem

The Problem

Avatar Amylchreest
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Checked the fuel changed the filter fuel up to the filter no lights on the dash had the van plugged in no faults no diesel at injector pipes I’m told there is a fuel cut off switch which we cannot find not on the on the left hand side of the engine bay not behind glove box maybe it.s Not got one any ideas may be the fuel pump by. The way it’s a 1900 engine

Car Vauxhall Vivaro
Model Year 2005
Category Engine & Drivetrain

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Avatar 1/4drive
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There's a primer on the pump on these,
Does it go hard/solid after a few pumps?


Avatar whittingehame
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As far as I know your vehicle does not have a fuel cut off switch .

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