Injection loss of power

2000 Vauxhall Vivaro Problem

The Problem

Avatar Benny85
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Check injection up on dash loss of power like van is in limp mode garage said problem with boost to turbo on diagnostic

Car Vauxhall Vivaro
Variant 2.0 cities
Model Year 2000
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Avatar 1/4drive
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That's a bit vague!
it would be a lot easier with "P" codes,
How ever you could start by checking all the 6 mm diameter hoses that run from the Vac pump through the actuator to the turbo.
They can develop leaks or clogg up inside,


Avatar Benny85
Joined: 1 year ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

Have you had a look at this similar problem:

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