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2004 Vauxhall Vivaro Problem

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Avatar common73
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i have a Vauxhall Vivaro van, on a 04 plate, I have a light that has come on the dash, i thank its called the glow plug light, I called Green Flag out and they said it was one of the filters, so i had that done, but still the light stayed on, I was then told it was the peddle box censer, so had that done, but still light is on, had a diagnostic done and it keeps saying the peddle box censer, but that is bran new, now being told it could be the ECU, any help would be much appreciated.....


Car Vauxhall Vivaro
Variant 1.9
Model Year 2004
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Avatar whittingehame
Joined: 9 years ago | Fixes: 12,040 | Profile

Are you talking about the accelerator potentiometer ? If so try cleaning the 2 electrical connector blocks in the fuse box near the LHS wing. One big blue one and one black smaller one next to it. See if that works. A tip / solution I read about so not sure if works , though it apparently works on some .

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