2002 Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 petrol elite 52 plate
Will not start. Lights on Challange for you

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Problem added: Apr 26, 2011 (9 years ago)
I have a 2.2 petrol 52 plate elite vectra that has some funny problems
It was my dads car and he has had the same problem twice

Got in car and it would not stat. Just had a click on a relay in clove box.
next day turned key and started

1 week later
Started driving along and lost speedo and rev counter. Had a F display above the radio.. then it all cam back on

next day drove to cash and carry lights come on anti skid and battery light 1 mile later all cam back to life
finished shopping, went to start car and nothing.
Dash showing
Anti skid, Battery light, abs slight flicker every now and again.
Waited 2 hours for the AA.
Nice bloke looked at it for 2 hours, tested 12's + 5's bypassed the started relay and it turned over. checked fuse under bonnet and in the boot, Could not start.
Said it may be the ignition switch but was not allowed to touch.We Checked wiring diagram, He phoned a friend and also got hold of AA dedicated help. Ended up with a tow home

When getting home from work popped the key in and it started on the button........

Drove to work the next day and the same lights/problems. When at destination I turned of and started the car twice. on the third attempt it would not start.

In my lunch break I removed glove box and swpped relays.. nothing
Removed steering housing and unplugged the lead, Plugged it back in and it started :) I was happy..
Mended the car :)

Finished work and started the car moved 100meters and stopped the car. Its now sat in the carpark at work and will not start again.
Same lights ect

Anyone know how or what this may be would save me

The last time this happened as told by my dad was around 1 year ago, It was sent to the main vauxhall dealer where it spent 2 days with no faults found, Every time it started on the button..

Thank you

Car details
Car: Vauxhall Vectra
Variant: 2.2 petrol elite 52 plate
Model Year: 2002
Category: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Apr 26, 2011 (9 years ago)
i would check the obvious first. all connections to the battery, starter and altinator. then check all connections from the ECU harness plug to all the components and sensors on the engine. then check all connection to the ABS pump. your fault sounds to me exactly that. a dodgy connection. if you wanna spend some cash the the first things to replace are the CAMSHAFT and CRANKSHAFT sensors
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Apr 27, 2011 (9 years ago)
does it have good battery voltage when it dont start ,have you checked the enging earth strap and when it wont start get someone to try shaking all the wiring under the bonnet to see if anything happens
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Mar 18, 2014 (6 years ago)
power steering light comes on dashboard, when i turn ignition everything lights up but ignition does nothing
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