2007 Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 sri
Car: Vauxhall Vectra
Year: 2007
Variant: 1.8 sri
Categories: Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
Headlights are pathetic not very good at lighting the road, full beam is fine
Problem added: Dec 25, 2014 (9 years ago)
sounds odd that low beam is bad but high is good.. however on the vectra the low beams are on one pair of bulbs and the mains are on another... if you can look at the bulbs whilst they are on youll see if the filiment is orange or a blurred very bright yellow.. check the seat they are in and see if the earth needs sorting.. also check you connections , give it the wire wiggle test to make sure your circuit is good.. other than that .. try new low beams, halogens best ... if the whole headlight is dull its creamed... whole new topic but can be sorted.. hope this helps you..ok
Answered Dec 29, 2014 (9 years ago)
That is normal on these cars as the headlights use a projector lense that does not work very well. People have improved the light vision by using night breaker bulbs or even fit HID'S.
Answered Dec 31, 2014 (9 years ago)

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