2004 Vauxhall Vectra - Unburnt fuel

Vectra 1.9 cdti 16v Problem
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have put this thread on last year intermittent problem which l think is neat fuel getting into the exhaust as it smells like diesel and white smoke comes from under the car think it may be a faulty injector not shutting off is there any way to check the injectors to see if one is faulty had it scanned at the local garage no codes stored wonder if vauxhall have this sort of equipment the fault is not there all the time so l suppose it will be difficult to trace any help would be appreciated


Car Vauxhall Vectra
Variant 1.9 cdti 16v
Year 2004
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Category Engine & Drivetrain
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You check the injectors by carrying out a return spill test,where you are basically measuring the individual quantity returned by each injector ,to show if one is excessive ,this should only be carried out by a mechanic who knows what they are doing.
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If the car is an auto or an estate, then it could be the DPF.

Diesel particulate filter...
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not sure if this car has a DPF although it is an estate and is a very late 04 nothing in the Haynes manual about a DPF but the car is a euro 4 so l dont think it will have one if it has and it is the DPF regenerating then it should be ok

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Take the car for a good blast on the motorway to give the DPF a real chance to complete the regen...
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Thanks Witty
Have looked into this a bit further and the car does have a cat/dpf combined will give it it an Italian service once a week

Kind Regards
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