2004 Vauxhall Vectra - Bonnet release cable

Vectra 2.2 dti esate Problem
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I went and pulled the lever in the drivers footwell and clunk,went the cable and now the bonnet won,t open,,, HELP HELP HELP

Car Vauxhall Vectra
Variant 2.2 dti esate
Year 2004
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If yours is the preface model then you can get a screwdriver in through the grill to release the catch. Then adjust or replace the cable as necessary. On the facelift model, I believe it is a little more difficult. Judging by the year, then yours would be the preface model. It is very easy to adjust the cable once you have got the bonnet open...
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hi witty, is there any chance you could forward me a few photo,s
if you send me a friend request on facebook I,ll accept on we,ll
take it from there, my facebook name is davy Ritchie northern Ireland bangor CoDown, I hope you can help me out.
many thanx DAVY
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Unfortunately I am not on face book...
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