Rear running lights and rear wiper not working
2011 Vauxhall Meriva

Unable to find the fuses for either the rear running lights or the rear wiper. Help please.
Problem added: Dec 14, 2016 (5 years ago)
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Vauxhall Meriva 2011
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Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights

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Doubt they're shared,
use a bulb some wire and check using battery +V through the bulb to the grounds for those circuits.
See if the test bulb lights.
Answered Dec 17, 2016 (5 years ago)
Thanks for reply. Have discovered that the fuse marked Rear Windscreen Washer is the one (it must be a juvenile who write these things), and that day running lights are front only.
Answered Dec 18, 2016 (5 years ago)

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