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Parking brake won't stay on dashboard shows brake !

Parking brake won't stay on baseboard showing brake !

2018 X sport nav turbo d
Posted: Dec 9, 2023
Radar monitoring fault distance control functions deactivated

Monitoring radar fault

2019 Turbo diesal
Posted: Oct 12, 2023
Engine fault

Cars in Get me home mode (20mph) Idles OK,not overheating but fan always runs,exhaust is spluttering out the fumes.

2020 1.4sri turbo
Posted: Sep 24, 2023
Fuel pressure sensor short to ground

Diagnosis states short to ground vehicle in limp mode unless I keep the car under 2000 rpm then the light goes out but comes back on if I go above 2000 rpm

2021 1.2
Posted: Sep 12, 2023
Low gears not engaging.

I have an erratic problem with the manual gearbox in that 3rd, 2nd and 1st gears will not engage when changing down on winding country lanes. It is unpredictable but seems to occur mainly when the gea...

2021 Business
Posted: Sep 12, 2023
Won’t charge

With charge lead plugged in, message on dash says ‘charging complete’ even though it is not. Engine management light is on saying fault needs repair. Any ideas?

2019 Ultimate hybrid 4
Posted: Aug 31, 2023
Clutch and gear box replacement

Hired the Vauxhall Grand Land X over four year term but now in third year and broke down on motorway clutch and gear box completely seized bottom line both need replacing and Vauxhall Inform me warran...

2020 1.2
Posted: Aug 30, 2023
Not starting first time second third time no power

Open door with touch. Mirrors stay closed in power button no start repeat 3/4/5/6 times no power. Try again and all of a sudden kicks into power on Not sure if it’s going to let me down complet...

2019 1.5 diesel
Posted: Aug 29, 2023
Emmi suon fault but ad blue is full

Emmission fault but ad blue is full

2018 1.8
Posted: Aug 25, 2023
Boot keeps closing whilst getting mobility scooter in boot

Boot keeps closing on head and really hurts !! Switch to turn sensor off not working Happens Numerous times especially Whilst winching mobility scooter in boot .... Car been into vauxhall 5 times ...

2023 Grandland ultimate dsl auto
Posted: Aug 18, 2023
Start stop not working

Bought the car two weeks ago, when I stop the' car and take my foot off the clutch the light on the dash just flashes three tlmes but the engine keeps running

2020 1.2 turbo
Posted: Aug 14, 2023
2019 Grandland x automatic gears won't engage

2019 Grandland x automatic EAT8 won't engage in gear

2019 1.5
Posted: Aug 14, 2023
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