Where to find central locking ecu part number 5WK8664D

2004 Vauxhall Combo Problem

The Problem

Avatar Frog
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Can you please advise me on where to find the central locking ECU on a Vauxhall Combo, need to know asap changing this on a van and unable to locate it.
Any assistance greatly received.

Car Vauxhall Combo
Model Year 2004
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
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Avatar 1/4drive
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Pretty sure it doesn't have a dedicated C/L unit,
Everything is run by what's called a "Multi function control module".
Or body control module.
And whatever the beasty is called it's coded to the vehicle.
So S/H it would need not just the BCM but the keys.
I'd suggest a better solution would be contact someone like "BBAREMAN" who can repair modules so no recoding/different keys needed.
Oh and if I recall it's situated under bonnet near side just in front of the battery and a load of wire coming out/in.


Avatar whittingehame
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May be the same location as the Corsa but seems a different par number .

" the Central locking controller box it is hidden under the ECU on the Corsa
down Where the Bonnet Catch is, take the plastic casing off and reveal the ECU , looks like a silver HDD from a computer Remove that and the Plastic Holder underneath pushes up and under some carpet behind the plastic ECU there the Central Locking Controller box is :"


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