Ghost in the electronics.

2005 Vauxhall Combo Problem

The Problem

Avatar TheMightyFozz
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Intermitant Buzzing from the dashboard. Coming from the buzzer behind the fuel gauge.

If I flick the side lights on quickly the radio comes on. (Factory fitted radio)

Airbag light stays on all the time. (Temproarly fixed by pulling and replacing fuse three. That controls the imoberliser)

Sometimes refuses to start.

Interior light comes on and stays on unless I press the button.

Car Vauxhall Combo
Model Year 2005
Category Leaks & Noises
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Avatar TheMightyFozz
Joined: 4 years ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

Also the glow plugs light is permently on.. ..but dim. Even with no key in the ignition.


Avatar whittingehame
Joined: 9 years ago | Fixes: 12,040 | Profile

Check connections / wiring behind instrument cluster and all earths , especially from power unit to body .


Avatar 1/4drive
Joined: 8 years ago | Fixes: 1,862 | Profile

Well experience with very odd electrical faults caused by faulty glow plugs has biased me to solving these faults first.
They are the simplest to rule out/in.
Just disconnect the big gauge wire to the main glow plug connector on the engine..
This should stop the glow plug lamp "glowing"
if not disconnect the glow plug relay.
Then see what happens to your other gremlins.

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