Battery light and lose of pas

2000 Vauxhall Combo Problem

The Problem

Avatar molly
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Hi all,
It all started when I had problem with battery on the van( didn't seem to be charging) tested battery seemed all ok, so had alternator checked seemed to be the problem. got new one and fitted it. All ok , then starter gave up so fitted another one again all seemed sorted! NOW when I turn steering either way( more so in reverse) I get battery light on and No power steering!!! Seems that something mat be draining the battery (possibly) would this be due to power steering pump or rack?
P.S anyone know where there is a fibreglass roof pod for one of these?
Cheers Molly

Car Vauxhall Combo
Variant 1.7 van
Model Year 2000
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
All Vauxhall Combo Problems


Avatar whittingehame
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When the fault is there , check alternator output / charging rate with a meter .You should also load test battery and alternator .

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