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hi i have just brought a vauxhall combo 1700 mkii dti, the problem i have is there is no alarm working at all. spoken to previous owner and he said he took of the battery and left it standing for a week, put the battery back on and now there is no alarm at all, i have done the key in drivers door and turned to front of van, but still dead no red blinking light on hazard ether. the fob i have has no working parts inside but have ordered another one to sync when arrives, will this activate the alarm back to life, the central locking works on the key in door, any help much appreciated as don't want to put my tools in and lose the lot..

Car Vauxhall Combo
Variant 1700 tdi
Model Year 2004
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
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Checked the fuses ? on some Vauxhall Combos the alarm fuses numbers were 13 and 19 but may be different on yours .


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Thanks for reply, have pulled all fuses out of fuse box (under bonnet one at a time, To check them all, and none are blown, and alarm still dead, Will this van need a remap to bring alarm back to life. my replacement key fob should arrive today hope this sorts it out..praying it will.will keep you informed of progress.


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key arrived today, still no luck, done "the turn ignition to second position" an press lock for 2 seconds trick, but no luck
are there any other ideas i could do to check alarm activation.
many thanks.

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