2004 Vauxhall Astra knocking noise from under car !

Car: Vauxhall Astra
Year: 2004
Variant: 1.6
Categories: Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Wheels & Tyres
My new shape vauxhall astra has a knocking sound from under car on uneven roads or potholes etc..Checked exhaust in case it was loose or mountings were worn but everything seemed OK.
Any ideas or are there any common faults on these models.
Posted: Dec 28, 2007 (16 years ago)
could be your anti roll bar bushes worn have you checked to see if springs are ok are your shocks leaking ?
Posted Dec 29, 2007 (16 years ago)
the astras are very common for wearing out suspension arm bushes you can get these from any motor factors as they are common and that will be your problem solved buy the whole arm as this is less time consuming when replacing ie labour unless you are able to do the job yourself
Posted Dec 30, 2007 (16 years ago)

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