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2004 Vauxhall Astra Problem

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Avatar smithers
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My astra 2004 1.4 has a intermittent misfire, in cylinder 1. Its a lot worse when first starting when going up hill underload. The eml will start to flash and the car sometimes cuts out, when turning the engine on its sometimes a bit slow to start like the battery is a bit flat. Once the car's going it drives fine. i have changed the coil pack and plugs and put injector cleaner through it, it worked for a while then came back again. Any idea's????

Car Vauxhall Astra
Variant vauxhall
Model Year 2004
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar philip999
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it could be the egr that could be the problem best to get the codes read fist to be sure


Avatar rizzo
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You need to establish whats causing the missfire, a code read should point in the right direction, with a look at the live data


Avatar smithers
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Thanks for that but the egr is banked off, and the only code that comes up is 0301, which is cylinder 1 misfire, but it doesnt tell you what is causing the misfire. any more help would be much appreciated.


Avatar Cammyfarooq
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Did you ever solve this?


Avatar Dalton200
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Hiya all I have the same problem. 2002 51 Reg 1.4
Engine management light came on and after a few miles started flashing had new coil pack fitted went ok for a week or so then came back was told it might be injector could need ecu costing about £700 that would be a scrapped car then.Any ideas ??? I would be grateful Thanks

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