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Avatar Guslondon
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In december 2011, I was driving my automatic 1.8 life astra (42'000miles on the clock), without any warning the car stopped driving. so I called green flag and when they came they could not get it to drive. I got it taken to a garage, where they told me water from the radiator had leaked into gearbox and that it was going to cost me £1800 to be fixed.
I could not understand how a gearbox which was meant to be a sealed unit could be penatrated by water. So I took it to vauxhall. At Vauxhall the confirmed the problem.

I think we should contact eachover and have Vauxhall investigated.

Car Vauxhall Astra
Variant automatic
Model Year 2005
Category Leaks & Noises

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Avatar bustedknuckles
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Your gearbox has induced water through the cooler,which is used to cool the transmission fluid,


Avatar MSK2210
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There is a separate thread dealing with this problem. The automatic gearboxes were the subject of a recall but it seems not every owner was notified of this. I was notifed and took my Astra to have it checked and the rad/gearbox repaired but unfortunately water still leaked into the gearbox and I had to have a new gearbox! I am in the process of arguing the toss with Vauxhall but at the moment am hitting my head against a brick wall. Have taken my complaint to the Chairman and am waiting for his response.

Out of interest, from those members on here who said they were taking legal action to remedy this, did any of you have any joy?

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