Accelerator pedal causing car to go into limp mode

2054 Vauxhall Astra Problem

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Avatar Claire23
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Iam currently on my 3rd accelerator pedal in 6 months due to an ongoing problem on my Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTI that seems to be evading everyone on how to fix it. On very random occasions the engine management light will come on and the car will go into limp mode. Usually this happens when I first start to drive the car and not so much when the car is already in transit. Whenever I take it to the garage they have changed the pedal but it still keeps occuring.

The pedals I have bought have all been 2nd hand but could I be that unlucky to purchase 3 dodgy 2nd hand pedals! The only option at the minute seems to be a brand new pedal but I am just wary of buying 1 and the same problem occurs as new pedals aren't cheap!

I have tried the pedal test and have got the codes 112250 and 112252 which are the pedal position sensor codes.

Has anybody experienced this problem before or has any information that could help as I would really, really appreciate it,

Thank you

Car Vauxhall Astra
Variant 1.7 CDTI
Model Year 2054
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights

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Avatar Avantime4mike
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It's worth checking and double checking any connections between the throttle potentiometer and the ECU especially as you are on your fourth potentiometer. It could also be an ECU fault.


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Hi, I have had a similar problem i.e. no throttle pedal response,The engine would run but would not rev,It was due to a poor connection at the edu unit that sits below the diesel pump,simply by removing the multiplug and cleaning /greasing the terminals the fault was cured.I do not think any of the pedals have been faulty.


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Hi Claire23,
I have an astra mk5 estate 1.7 fetid [100] - Z17DTH

I had the same/similar problem.

Random intermittent limp home mode not rev over 3000.would last between 10 sec and maybe 2 mins. Then back to normal.
would happen whether I had been driving 2 mins or 2 hours.

High mileage car. turned out to be a build up on turbo vains making some stick.

Used a bottle of forte diesel treatment and repeat in 6 months if still a problem. Could take a few months to work its magic.
repeat every 12 months to keep motor clean.

Cost me £86 to fine out a £10-ish bottle will fix it (ebay).

Had my car 2 years with problem till I found the answer.
Or replace the turbo for instant fix ? Or fome cleaned (specialist job).

Hope this helps
leave your peddles alone there all fine ?


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