Clutch snapping noise
2019 Vauxhall ADAM Griffin

Happened back in October 20th, clutch made a snapping noise and become extremely loose. Took it to the garage that day and mechanic says this is a known issue with corsas and adams but advised me to not drive my car as often as I usually would? I have phoned every vauxhall garage near me to get an appointment and managed to get a last minute appointment somewhere and Vauxhall have now said that the clutch has worn out despite not driving it very much over past 2 years (pandemic). Been left with no car to drive for two months. This also happened to a friend of mine too and was covered under her warranty but now they want over a thousand pounds to replace the whole clutch etc.

Problem added: Dec 30, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
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Vauxhall ADAM (2019)
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Gearbox & Clutch
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Your mechanic was correct , one cause can be the clutch return spring up at pedal box going . Pursue Vauxhall and tell them of the problems , delays in getting it in , lack of use , year and mileage and that clutch problems are well known on that car and that you would like it replaced under warranty . Worth a try but they could reject and claim driver error and wear and tear as often happens but emphasise the snapping at the clutch pedal , Best of luck .
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