Fails to start - engine turns over but doesn't fire

2064 Vauxhall ADAM Problem

The Problem

Avatar zardrey
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its my daughters car - engine turns over when you press the clutch pedal down and turn key, but fails to start - intermittently does start, then next journey doesn't. Called the RAC - diagnostics show no faults! I got it going by pumping the clutch pedal and took it to a garage - their diagnostics also showed no faults.
They are trying a cam shaft sensor, but aren't hopeful - any ideas?!

Car Vauxhall ADAM
Model Year 2064
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar whittingehame
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Dont know what mileage the car has done or service history , but checking / replacing plugs and air filter if needed would be a good start of point .

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