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Difficult to start and runs rough

This morning my Rexton took 3 attempts to start then stalled while idling, started again but seems like intermittant misfire. Same problem this afternoon and jerking at times while driving. Been fine ...

2020 Ultimate
Posted: Jul 24, 2022
Smell of diesel in the air vents

Can smell diesel when the air blowers are on or engine is running for a long time spoke to showroom and they said it should go away after a while I've only done 3200 miles got the car last November 21

2021 Ultimate
Posted: Jul 12, 2022
4x4 stuck on .driver side front

At first made like grating noise.took to a garage .they had it on ramp.and told me this.all so prop spins free.

2014 Estate
Posted: Jun 24, 2022
It seems that the 4x4 is not disengadgiing on driver side front

4x4 not disengeing on driver side.makes Bit of noise as well.

2014 Estate
Posted: Jun 24, 2022
Not getting diesel through 2 engine

The car engine has been surging when cold and died a couple of times when over taking so I decided to change the filter at a garage they change the filter now it won't start don't seem to be getting d...

2018 2.2
Posted: Jun 13, 2022
Engine surge between 50 and 60kph - only when motor cold

I have a brand new 2022 Ssangyong Rexton Ultimate MY22. I Purchased vehicle last week. Within the first day or two it was apparent that when motor is cold the vehicle starts to "surge" between approx...

2022 2.2 turbo deisel
Posted: Jun 9, 2022
Charging light on suddenly and voltage is dropping, repair the alternator but still same

Alternator was rebuild but problem still same, if charging light becomes on, I stop car and restart and light is off

2006 290
Posted: Jun 5, 2022
Going into limp mode with trailer on - intermittent

When towing HW trailer the vehicle goes into limp mode, doesn’t do it with other trailers and the trailer in question doesn’t have any issues when towed by other vehicles. Brings all trailer light...

2015 NA
Posted: May 29, 2022
Running rough

2022 Rexton ELX 800km on the clock running rough, lack of power, between 1 - 2 thousand rpm. Picked the car up about a week ago and drove home, nearly 600km from the dealership. No warning lights, c...

2022 ELX, 2.2
Posted: Mar 31, 2022
Passenger door switch won’t lock or unlock doors?

I cannot find anyway to make the passenger door switch to lock or unlock the car

2018 Ultimate
Posted: Mar 8, 2022
I have been without the sat nav since taking delivery in sept 21.

I have been without the sat nav since taking delivery in sept 21. Recently there has been updates to the firm ware and maps but the nav element still doesn’t work. Having found that the card needs t...

2021 New rexton
Posted: Jan 30, 2022
The semi circle part where the digital temperature display has gone.

It black so i cant see whats on or off also while im here the door memory stopped working years ago so anyone able to help? I have pulled out the little fuses and the bit in the middle isnt broken. I...

2014 rexton
Posted: Jan 5, 2022
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