Skoda Felicia Alternator Problems

Problems mentioning the Alternator on the Skoda Felicia
Warning light

red battery light on all the time.even after running it 10-15 mins.Alternator?cost?or battery?

1999 1.3 manual
Posted: Nov 3, 2007
Lights dimming

I was driving along the motorway, when all of a sudden, all the lights in the car dimmed, the windscreen wipers slowed down, the radio started to crackle and the seat belt light came on.... eventua...

Posted: Dec 9, 2007
When i turn on the heating in the car it smells of rotten eggs

when I turn on the heating in my car it smells of rotten eggs (Sulphurous) i thought it could be down to the battery at first but when i put it onto a cold setting the smell is no longer produced

2000 1.3
Posted: Feb 19, 2013
Engine cuts out and battery light comes on when in stop/start traffic. battery been checked and ok

When I have to brake or go down in gear in traffic, the battery light flashes on and off, sometimes the engine cuts out, but engine will start again. ait happens when the engine is hot. The battery an...

Posted: May 7, 2013
Battery warning light

Hi I have this skoda felica 1.3 estate the battery light stays on and gets brighter when you accelerate I have had battery and alternator tested and there ok It might be suggested that it could be the...

1996 1.3
Posted: Jun 26, 2013
Spins over fine but will not fire.

Conked out on M62, had boiled the battery. RAC towed me to home, and couldn't fix problem. Replace with new battery, send ecu to ecu doctor, came back (£261) .Fitted new alternator. Still no Brm Brm....

1999 1.3mpi petrol
Posted: Nov 28, 2021
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What problems can be caused by a faulty Alternator?
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