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Rattling from rear of car

Rattles immediately l turn the car on. Carries on til l hit 40 plus. Looked at twice and both garages say common fault with this car, Had new shock obsotbers on rear and brakes looked at - when han...

2015 1.00
Posted: Jun 20, 2022
Plastic burning smell on 3 year old car.

3 year old car, suddenly has a strong burning plastic smell. No warning signs, no smoke. No obviously signs of anything leaking. Only does short journeys but regularly and tends to be smelling by the ...

2019 Citigo
Posted: Apr 9, 2022
Clicking from steering when turned, ratling from steering on rough road

Clicking from steering when turned from lock to lock, rattling from steering on rough road. Steering rack and steering column replaced under warranty but problem returned after 12 months. Awaiting fur...

2019 Citigo 1.0 MPI 75 Green Tech SE L 5dr
Posted: Mar 5, 2022
Broken fuel flap.Have same colour replacement. Told they can be pushed out with hinge last?

Broke at petrol station. Have a second hand replacement in same colour. Told easy to replace by pushing/pulling out with hinge base coming out last??

2014 1.0
Posted: Nov 27, 2021
Courtesy light doesn’t work on auto setting.

Courtesy light now keeps lights on all the time. Any suggestions please?

2017 Automatic
Posted: Mar 30, 2021
The ECU icon has just come on. But, in the last few weeks when the car starts there is a spinning sound, and I wondered whether this is from the clutch, because as soon as you engage the gear it goes. Also, if it had something to do with the ECU signal ?

As above, when the car starts there is a spinning sound, which goes when you engage the gears. Also, the ECU icon has just come on the instrument panel.

2017 Monte-Carlo
Posted: Mar 15, 2021
Heater fan resistor pack open circuit

I need to get access to the heater fan motor to replace the speed control resistor pack which only works on full speed at the moment and would appreciate tips on how to remove the left hand side dashb...

2013 SE 60PS
Posted: Jan 19, 2018
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