2006 Seat Ibiza Problem

The Problem

Avatar LehlouxLanga
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On a normal day from work while driving in traffic, oil pressure warning light started appearing on the dash ,I then decided to pull over and switch the car off for it to cool down...after a while the car couldn't start anymore, I then changed the alternator then the car was okay except now it seems to be malfunctioning,because my sunroof,dash lights,indicators,hazards and wipers aren't working...I've checked my fuses and they are all good and the power seems to be reaching to the right components but it's still not working out. Help please !!!

Car Seat Ibiza
Variant 1.8 manual
Model Year 2006
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights

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Avatar 1/4drive
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This level of fault I'd suspect a ground fault,
Call in an autospark.


Avatar whittingehame
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Does the car start and run now ?


Avatar LehlouxLanga
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Yes it does

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