Just had Head Gasket replaced and skimmed.

2002 Rover 45 Problem

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Avatar janicester
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Head Gasket replaced and skimmed one week ago! Just wanted to know if it's normal after two cans of degreaser put through system to still have oil in the coolant. Garage said it might happen and to bring it back and they will empty it for me and refill. Going there today after one week of having car back, due to oil in the coolant. Is this normal or should I be questioning the garage about the work done?

Car Rover 45
Variant 1.4 manual
Model Year 2002
Category Engine & Drivetrain

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Avatar Avantime4mike
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I would gently let them know your concerns but give them fair opportunity to rectify the problem. It is possible that what they say is right although you wouldn't expect to see a lot of contamination. Give them another go to put it right.


Avatar rizzo
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No its not unusual, your garage have done all they can given the time, when these gaskets go they go big time and it takes ages to get the remainder of the sludge out of the cooling system

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