Oil level low j

2004 Renault Scenic 1.4 16v manual
Car: Renault Scenic
Year: 2004
Variant: 1.4 16v manual
Categories: Engine & Drivetrain
when first start up oil level indercater comes up as 000000 ,turn car off restart again level shows 000--- car has just been serviced in jan 2011 ,dip stick when dipped shows level spot on
Problem added: Mar 13, 2011 (13 years ago)
This from Renault forum might help you ,

a quote from a knowledgeable member

To reset the service indicator on the scenic II is as follows..

Scroll through the trip computer using the button on the end of the right hand stalk control until you get to the miles till service indicator (or the "change oil soon message" will appear if due)

Then press and hold the same button in and hold it.. The miles indicator will then flash then change to 18000, keep the button pressed until the 18000 stops flashing..

No special tools needed..

Job done!

NOTE: If the word "service" appears on your dash then that does NOT mean that a service is due.. It is an indication that the vehicle is faulty and has a stored major fault code. Therefore you should visit your nearest dealer ASAP..

The indicator that a Service is due is when the words "change oil soon" appears or the spanner starts flashing

Answered Mar 13, 2011 (13 years ago)

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