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Hi, my kids brought me the above for Christmas. The lights are simple to fit but I need one bit of help - on each light there are is 1 black and red wire, the black wires go straight to the battery and the red wires need to go to a source that becomes live when the start/stop button is pressed - so the lights only come on when the car is running. My question - what/where can I put the red wires?
I have fairly good car knowledge but I am no expert!

Thanks in advance


Car Renault Laguna
Variant 1.5 diesel Dynamique (57)
Year 2007
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I am assuming that the black wire is the earth and can be earthed anywhere on the car, then the red wire will be the live, so you should be able to find a live ignition feed somewhere under the bonnet. If there is a fuse box in the engine bay, then that would probably be the best place to take the ignition live from...
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Thanks for the quick response. On the instructions it say black to battery -, will I need some kind of connector for the red wire to go straight to the fuse box? The fuse box is under the bonnet.

Thanks again

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Can use a piggy back fuse connector or just a fork connector. The latter is what I used when I put DRLS on my car. But make sure that it is only live with ignition...
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