1999 Renault Espace failed mot due to high emisions?

Car: Renault Espace
Year: 1999
Variant: 2.0 petrol MPV
Categories: Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights

My Renault Espace (2.0 petrol) failed it's MOT due to erratic emissions.

Every time the car starts cold / warm / hot, the engine hunts on tick over. When you blip the throttle two or three times it settles down and then the engine management light comes on. It goes off shortly afterwards and the car runs fine for the duration of the journey (long or short distance).
However, after running a full cat test whilst in for it's MOT it passed the Lambda sensor test, but still the emissions were too high.

I have been told I would have to have the car plugged up to a diagnostic computer to ascertain what could be causing the emissions to be erratic!

Some people have said it could be something to do with the automatic choke? Perhaps a blocked EGR valve, or dirty/blocked throttle body?

Does anyone have experience of this fault, or information of what it is most likely the cause? I have spent so much money on the car in getting it ready for the MOT, now this is the only thing left to sort out for it to pass!
Posted: Jul 18, 2009 (14 years ago)
in the long run it would be cheaper to plug it in as you would be replacing sensors all over the place when not neccessary or use carb and injection cleaner and used as advised on the tin should help clean the internals of the throttle body and other sensors
Posted Jul 18, 2009 (14 years ago)

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