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Electronic ign fitted, rev counter problems

se5 with electronic ign fitted, rev counter issues when electric fan switches on??

1973 Reliant Scimitar GTE se5
Posted: May 29, 2022
Engine cuts out after getting up to temperature

My Fathers car is currently in the garage and they cant seem to find the fault. It initially went in for a water leak and they replaced the water pump. Then on returning the vehicle it began to cut ou...

2000 Reliant Robin mk2
Posted: Mar 5, 2022

My Renault 1.6 petrol scenic Dynamic. When I start the car a noise that is similar to a clapped out old diesel comes from the timing side of the engine, ( the right hand side as you sit behind the whe...

2005 Reliant Fox 1.6 auto petrol Dynamic
Posted: Dec 5, 2017
Hazards work but indicators don't

i can get the hazard lights working ,but i can not get the indicators to work

1989 Reliant Rialto
Posted: Aug 14, 2015
Noisy differential

When the engine is running at 1500rpm and above a loud low pitch continuous whine is coming from the differential. It drowns the engine noise as the revs increase. Itstops when the clutch is depressed...

2000 Reliant Robin 848cc
Posted: Oct 8, 2010
Blue smoke

just rebuilt engine not road tested yet but after five minutes when warm blue smoke appears is this due to rings not bed in yet?

Reliant Robin
Posted: Jul 24, 2009