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Engine management system warning.

Engine management system warnings come on intermittently on start-up (STOP. Do not drive) and the car goes into 'limp' or 'get you home' mode. After leaving for a while (2 hours) it resets and the car...

2013 Diesel hybrid 4
Posted: Feb 19, 2023
No lights on dash/key not detected

doors open/close but no ignition key not detected

2013 rxh
Posted: Oct 4, 2022
Telematics system suddenly stopped working.

Peugeot dealer couldn't run an update on it and say ther whole unit needs replacing at a cost of £1600. D I have any other options?

2012 2.0
Posted: Dec 23, 2021
Warning lights and messages

Engine management light, door open, (is shut). Engage handbrake, (it’s on)! Service due, (just been done and light turned off!

2012 Hybrid
Posted: Jul 25, 2021
Failed auxiliary belt tentioner, destroyed engine.

Low mileage car driving at speed suffers a failed belt tensioner which shreds aux belt, tensioner shears and parts destroy cam belt, which causes complete engine failure. Agents claim that the tensi...

2013 2.0 tdi
Posted: Sep 12, 2020
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