2009 Peugeot 308 1.4 Fan comes on too quick

Peugeot 308 Problem
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Fan comes on too quick
Jan 17, 2020 (4 weeks ago)
my fan,it kicks in within 10 minutes of driving the car had the problem checked out and the guy replaced the temperature sensor and it's wiring +plug, but problem still persists,i recently had oil,plugs and filters changed,though the car is driving smooth and everything seems fine the fan still kicks in after a short while from starting the car.Ohh and the guy also points out that the catatytic conveter is gone could this be the problem,please help.

Car details
Car: Peugeot 308
Variant: 1.4
Model Year: 2009

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Jan 17, 2020 (4 weeks ago)
A bad catalytic converter can impede the natural flow of exhaust emissions exiting a car's engine, thereby increasing the amount of back pressure within the car's engine which can lead, ultimately, to overheating. This could be a possible reason why the fan is coming on .
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