2010 Peugeot 308 1.6 hdi manual
Car: Peugeot 308
Year: 2010
Variant: 1.6 hdi manual
Categories: Gearbox & Clutch
In the last couple of weeks gearstick shakes in 5th. Last night when in 5th jumped into neutral. Now wont go into and stay in 5th. All other gears fine.
Problem added: Jun 5, 2016 (7 years ago)
5th gear is the highest point in the oil so if the oil is low 5 suffers.
No real level check so best option is drain the gearbox of oil,
if any,
and refill with 2 litres of the correct oil.
But it might be too late.
Answered Jun 6, 2016 (7 years ago)

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