Boot catches to allow roof down don’t engage

2006 Peugeot 307 Problem

The Problem

Avatar Esteban Puente
Joined: 3 months ago | Fixes: 2 | Profile

After a manual reset, the boot catches don’t disengage.
If I hold the pull chords tight whilst opening the roof everything works fine and closure also works
I hear the boot lock down but then when I want to open the roof again I can here the motor working but no unlatching of the boot

I’m in NZ where Peugeots are rare and auto electricians rarer

I could fix myself if I know where the parts needing servicing are

Thanks for any help

Car Peugeot 307
Variant Cc
Model Year 2006
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights
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Avatar Esteban Puente
Joined: 3 months ago | Fixes: 2 | Profile

When you have to perform the emergency close technique it appears that the cables that unlatch the two side latches for the roof boot opening sequence become disconnected
With the roof semi open using an assistant and the pull cord releases , you can unclip the outer cables from their keepers feed the cable nipples through the holders and reclip the outer cables

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