Won't Start - Potential Electrical problem
2007 Peugeot 307 CC 2.0HPI Diesel

Wife changed to this car in May this year and after a super UK summer [doesn't happen too often], she has been having difficulty starting it.
Firstly checked battery, reading 12.6v upward and 9v upward on turn of key then straight up to 14v upward after so alternator seems good as well.
Once bump started it runs fine and starts after this.
Check glove box fuses and engine bay fuses.. all seem ok.
No dash warning lights showing.

We have noted..
1) It tends to happen after a rainy night.
2) On the turn of the key its not turning over [cranking].
3) On turn of the key the drivers window goes down about an inch and the wipers start to rotate! i.e. electrics go bonkers lol

With the above noted, and they seem ok all electrics seem to work ok when running.. i.e. door handle sensor drops window during opening ok, wing mirrors retract ok, windows go up and down ok, wipers work ok, door locks ok etc etc.

Has anyone experienced this or any ideas where or what to look at?? Think it might be moisture getting into electrics and shorting the system.. ??
Thanks in advance

Problem added: Sep 24, 2018 (3 years ago)
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Peugeot 307 (2007)
CC 2.0HPI Diesel
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Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Check the fuse under bonnet fuse/relay box.
I usually lift the up and check the underside.
I’ll check as soon as Home today. What am I looking out for beneath this fuse box? As I’ve had a quick check and all seem good and dry.
Road water can get in under,
The starter relay is in there so could account for click/no click.
Get your battery load tested . 9 volts on cranking is at the low end of requirements . Also check it's the correct spec battery for car .
I would take whittinghames advise and get the battery checked properly and also check gearbox to body earth
After doing a few checks, taking on board above advise and further reading up. I have conducts a parasitic drain test on the cars battery and it is showing a small drain of approx. 1 to 1.5amps drain coming from one of the electrical components. However it has been noted this isn't happening every time! After checking it seems to be potential faulty door handle sensors, that seem to work, but maybe a loose wire or something causing occasional short circuit.? honest don't know for certain.
Also noted on the internet that some vehicles can show signs of weird electrics even if the battery is low and not particularly a fault.
Noting the wife only drives approx. 6-7 miles most days I believed the battery isn't getting enough time to recharge after the initial start up.
So I have been driving her car for a few days to get battery well charged and fingers crossed.. if problem goes away then happy days, I'll keep you posted.
Was thinking 'why it happens only when raining?' .. again thinking if the battery isn't getting enough charge on short drive even when dry, then on a wet day with lights, wipers etc on, the battery would be getting even less a charge.. hence making it seem like its the wet weather, when its just the battery is low!. It a theory.. feedback welcome. :-)
Please keep suggestions coming. Greatly appreciated.
Your theory is very prevalent on a car used for short journeys .like yours .

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