Revs too high and problems accellerating

2001 Peugeot 306 Problem

The Problem

Avatar silvermoon
Joined: 4 years ago | Profile

Hi, last night when I left work, I went to turn right on the road and it seemed like the car had no power. I had to work the gears, and eventually it went, but it was quite scary. I managed to get it home, and although it didn't happen today, the car seems to be revving too much. Any help would be gratefully received.

Car Peugeot 306
Variant 1.4
Model Year 2001
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

All Peugeot 306 Problems


Avatar whittingehame
Joined: 9 years ago | Fixes: 12,010 | Profile

Sounds like clutch slipping .

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