Intermittent starting problem
1997 Peugeot 306 NOT A 306, ITS A 106 gti

Steve Draper
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Problem added: Dec 7, 2007 (13 years ago)
There is no option to choose a 106 in the drop down list so i apologise for any confusion. My 106 gti has 135k up, is in pristine condition and is serviced every 6k. It's never been thrashed or abused. I have owned it for 7 years and bought the car with 30k on the clock. Just recently it has been difficult to start. It cranks over fine but shows no sign of firing what so ever. It does not cough, splutter or nearly start. It just spins over. Sometimes it will fire immediately, other times it takes three or four turns of the key. Sometimes it will not start atall and i have to go back to it later in the day.

I changed the crankshaft sensor and the lambda sensor but there has been no change. The car runs beautifully and so i do not believe it to be the coil pack. Because it shows no sign of firing i do not think it is a fuel pump solenoid.

I am getting near desperation point. It is my pride and joy but i no longer can rely on her. Is there anyone who can help to restore my faith?

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Car: Peugeot 306
Variant: NOT A 306, ITS A 106 gti
Model Year: 1997
Category: Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss
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Dec 7, 2007 (13 years ago)
hi there have you done the wobble test that means removing all the connecters one at a time and putting them back together and dont think that because the coil pack is sparking that its not to be at fault it sounds like early signs of breaking down but do the wobble test first then go on to the coil pack
Steve Draper
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Dec 8, 2007 (13 years ago)
Thanks for your advice but i think i have found the answer. I changed the aerial transponder (its a piece of plastic with an electrical connector that shrouds the ignition barrel. It apparently sends a signal to the ECU) and, fingers crossed, it seems to be okay.
mr suzuki
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Dec 13, 2007 (13 years ago)
youve def got it right i had one (not gti)same prob same solution over 1 year ago still running

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