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Fuel guage malfunction

Whenever I fill up my vehicle, instead of 8bars it showed 5. Until today it showed I was running low on fuel, I went into a station to refill but my fuel gauge om my dashboard is showing my fuel tank ...

2015 1.6
Posted: Oct 15, 2022
Dynamo measure 12.3. measurement

Without any problem in car..replace it with same measurment

2017 1.6
Posted: Aug 1, 2022
Engine noise

noise in engine compartment is the main problem. as I searched and compared, this noise is heard in all cars. it seems that the origin of noise is near camshaft at the top of the idle mode, ...

Posted: Oct 21, 2016
Clutch problem

I have Peugeot 301 and it is brand new 3000 km only but some times lately the clutch stuck on(P) and I can not move it to the (R) or (D) so I stop the car and start the engine one more time and it mov...

2014 1.6
Posted: Oct 25, 2013
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