Peugeot 208 Battery Problems

Problems mentioning the Battery on the Peugeot 208
Engine management light

Eml came on this evening on way home from work, car is not running rough drove fine with light on. Arriving home nothing is obvious so leaks no off noises, the only thing was the engine seemed a lot h...

2013 Gti
Posted: Sep 10, 2020
Why does my car keep jerking then cut out

Showing no faults on diagnostic machine,battery only a Yr old via rac,spark plugs been changed yet still continues been in and out off garage every day for past week yet not resolved any help would be...

2015 1.2
Posted: Jun 16, 2021
Touchscreen problems

My touchscreen keeps going blank and not working when starting the car. I have taken the fuse out and put back in and it worked. Now had the same problem again so replaced the fuse and it hasn't worke...

2013 1.2
Posted: Jun 17, 2021
Gear box warning fault

I have a semi automatic, it randomly decides not to start. On the touch screen a warning message comes up saying "Gear box fault, get repaired". The car will not start, when I leave the car for a per...

2013 1.4 E HDI
Posted: Jul 8, 2021
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