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Hard to start if it has not been run for a few days

Hard to start if it has not been started for 3 or 4 days .It seems like it takes ages to pump up the petrol.

1990 1800 petrol automaticit h
Posted: Dec 1, 2020
My boot

I put lots of things in the boot of my car now I can't get it open plzzz help

2001 Convertible
Posted: Mar 12, 2016
Passenger electric window not working

the driver and passenger switch isn't opening the passenger window but the drivers window opens fine. i took the door apart and no wires have come off. don't know if its a fuse wouldn't know how to ch...

1994 1.6 auto petrol
Posted: Dec 18, 2015
Leaky sun-roof and back window (tail-gate)

Sun-roof leak has not been improved by using silicone sealant! Any other products? Also, back window seal must be absorbing water, dripping into boot and tracking under back seating...

Posted: Apr 3, 2014
Speedo needle not working properly

i removed the speedo clock when changing all the interior in the car and someone moved the spped needle with there finger and i moved it back to o mph befre refitting now when driving it goe to 10mph ...

2000 1.4 LX
Posted: Apr 3, 2012
Engine cuts out and steering lock comes on

The car is a 206 actually but there wasn't a drop down selection for that one. Basically when stationary at traffic lights, junctions etc you have to keep the revs up otherwise it cuts out. On top of ...

Posted: Dec 1, 2011
Blowing cold air

heater blowing cold air when engine is warm?

1992 style
Posted: Feb 20, 2011
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