Rough gear changing
2003 Nissan Micra 1.2 s

hello my daughter has a 2003 1.2 manual k12 micra ''if you change gear slow all fine if you rush the gear change changing up not smooth 'you have to force it abit' if you press the clutch and hold 2 second's changes fine 'not as bad changing down''just not smooth 'shes used to it but when I drive it I don't like it I would think theres a problem ? or is it me ? hope you can understand what im trying to say 'thanks tony
Problem added: Jul 5, 2015 (7 years ago)
anthony Hunt
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Nissan Micra 2003
Variant: 1.2 s
Problem Category
Gearbox & Clutch

Replies and fixes

If not general wear on clutch you could try WD40 on gear linkage joints which tend to " dry out " or grease same .
Answered Jul 5, 2015 (7 years ago)

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