2006 Mitsubishi L200 - Double Cab single electric window behind seats.

L200 Warrior. Double Cab Problem
The Problem
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The rear cab electric window behind the rear seats has stopped working.
I have removed the window mechanism and it is free, as is the window in its runners.
I suspect the fuse or relay has failed but cannot find any information regarding the location of the fuse or relay. The wiring diagrams etc. I have looked at only refer to the door windows.
I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me.

Car Mitsubishi L200
Variant Warrior. Double Cab
Year 2006
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Checked for power at motor while operating switch ?
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Thanks for your reply. Yes I have checked for power at the motor and although there is a constant reading, there is no additional reading when operating the switch.
Having no wiring diagram specific to this item makes it difficult to be sure which wire is which.
The switch appears to select two different positives (one for up and one for down). However there is no continuity on one of the negatives in the down position.
I may try taking off one of the door switches and trying this to check if this works (if possible). If it does then the switch would be the culprit.
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Good idea swapping switches .
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It is with a very great sense of embarrassment I can tell you I have solved the problem.
Tried one of the rear door switches and that didn't work either. After refitting the door switch I checked it was ok and it wouldn't work, although the master buttons on the driver's door operated the window.
With a dawning sense of stupidity I noticed the window lock button was down. I switched it off and the rear doors and the rear cab window were working.
I have spent the best part of two days taking things apart and trawling the internet for diagrams etc. and, as is often the case with me, I neglected to check the most obvious thing first. My wife tells me she didn't know there was a lock button and must have pressed it accidentally. (Divorce proceedings have begun).
Thanks very much for your suggestions.
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Glad you got to the root of the problem . Thanks for updating the forum .


We've all had similar at one time or another !!
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Next time try this mantra.
Don't jump to conclusions.
But don't beat yourself up we've all did it.
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