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Avatar richard7467
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Hi All

I have a small but potentially troublesome problem
When stationary tbe needle on my Mini is below zero actually sits in the 6 oclock position but does respond ie moves up as I accelerate im probably doing around 30mph before it fets to zero??
All help much appriciated

Car Mini Cooper
Model Year 2002
Category Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights

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Avatar 1/4drive
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Potentially a faulty speedo head unit fault.


Avatar whittingehame
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Used to be the o/s/r ABS sensor that was also the speed sensor that gave problems .Could the wiring / dirt at sensor but may be module fault . Really need to get it scanned with proper diagnostic equipment that can read the ABS also to find fault for definite .


Avatar richard7467
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ok thanks I will update once scanned


Avatar Cmg
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Check earth block/wires around the nearside front headlamp area. Had problems with corrosion.

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