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Hazard lights come on by themselves

hazard lights randomly start

2015 0,5
Posted: Nov 18, 2023
Recently side light and full beam stopped working. The wipers also stop working. Then all is well for a while until the next 'outage'. Any thoughts

On occasion the side lights, full beam and wipers stop working. Then they spring in to life. Can't work out what the issue is. Hope you can help

2013 SXI
Posted: May 18, 2023
Motor/gearbox bolts breaks

The bolts (M10x240) that holds the motor & gearbox together keeps breaking. Straight off at the nut. I’ve used original bolts, 10.9 bolts and now latest 8.8 bolts. But they just lasts for 150-200km...

2016 Lombardini Progress
Posted: Oct 23, 2022
Led instrument panel

Tried to reset the flashing service warning(car serviced) but eended up with dim display and no control with setting button. Can it be re programmed?

2010 SXi
Posted: Oct 7, 2022
On starting my mgo it often keeps going into limp mode we changed the crank sensor and throttle body but still the same what else can we check

This has been on going for awhile and is just getting worse

2010 Microcar Mgo sxl
Posted: Jul 6, 2022
Power failure

every two days,i come to start car and theres no ignition,lights ect and wont fire up,just completely dead until i jump start it

2010 tdi
Posted: May 11, 2022
Boot will not open

The hatch on my car will not open checked fixed but all ok

2011 Mgo
Posted: Jun 15, 2021
Nu porneste

Ii dau contant, mi se aprind toti martorii, se sting, iar cand dau sa pornesc se aude un piuit si nu porneste, bateria a fost schimbata, uleiul schimbat, am verificat si daca exista vreo problema la v...

2012 0.5
Posted: Feb 15, 2021
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