Hyundai ix20 Clutch Problems

Problems mentioning the Clutch on the Hyundai ix20
Clutch judder. Engine oil leak on 65 plate

Clutch shakes car on move off. Checked under car all bottom of engine covered in oil.

2015 Blue drive
Posted: Jul 27, 2020
Low clutch bite point

bought the car 2015 37k miles clutch point low then ,now 80k miles clutch bit point 1inch off floor just wondered if I need to replace clutch before we go to France in June

2012 ix20 1.6 diesel
Posted: Feb 25, 2022
Clutch feels fine, engages gear but won't go

as above

2012 Ix 1.4 ACTIVE
Posted: Mar 3, 2022
Small Grind when starting to let clutch out on a 2017 ix20 1 6 diesel

Noise when starting to let clutch out

2017 CRDTi
Posted: May 11, 2022
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