Ford Streetka Battery Problems

Problems mentioning the Battery on the Ford Streetka
Luggage Compartment (Boot) will not open with key

My Luggage Compartment will not open when I press the button on my key. I have replaced thebattery in thekey and also checked other electrics such as the hood storage compartment and these are all fi...

2003 1.6
Posted: Dec 9, 2008
Boot not opening with fob

My boot has stopped opening all of a sudden with the key fob. My car thinks my boot is open so my indicators keep going off if i lock my car with the fob so i have to keep locking it by putting the ke...

Posted: May 3, 2011
Headlight warning buzzer

my wife left her lights on the other day and you guessed it Flat Battery! She has learnt her lesson now but handbook states that there should be a warning buzzer my wifes street k does not have it ...

2005 Red
Posted: Sep 29, 2012
Trip resetting to zero

Every time you start the car the trip resets to zero and all the gauges vibrate. Recently the battery has been losing charge over a matter of days. Other than that the car starts first time and runs ...

2004 1.6lux
Posted: Jun 4, 2015
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